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Freeball today.


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A couple of big dicks ready to be drained together

A couple of big dicks ready to be drained together

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The team showers were always interesting.

The moment one cock started to get hard, suddenly it was contagious, like a yawn. One stiff dick makes another dick throb, no matter how straight the guy is.

I knew he was looking at my cock as it sprung to life, and I could tell within seconds that his own cock was rising. His foreskin started to slide back from the head to reveal that tempting shiny cum hole. All I could think about was licking it, tasting his precum and making him shoot his cream all over me.

My dick was raging, and suddenly James was thickening up too.

Mickey on the opposite end of the wall was talking to Mark about his girl, but both were getting stiff too.

Within a few moments the erection had spread around the showers, every cock throbbing and jutting out, precum oozing from helmets and balls rising up.

A few hands found their way and some discreet wanking began, but not enough. Every guy was hard and proud, but it was like an unspoken phenomenon. No one wanted to recognize the others hard meat, even though it was seconds from becoming a circle jerk with cum loads splashing out all over the tiled floor.

Of course, every one of those men in the showers beat out their own load within an hour, somewhere. Maybe at home, maybe in their car, maybe at the local woods… every cock shot a hot white cum load while the owner thought about all the gorgeous poles of man meat they’d seen throbbing in the showers after the game - and it was always unspoken.



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